You will need to subscribe to one of our memberships. By filling out the subscription form, then your account information will be validated and you account is then approved if we are able to verify your business information. Get Started

you don’t need a business to subscribe to one of our plans. But you MUST have a business license “Resale Permit” to be able to place any orders.

Minimum varies based on the company list you are using to order from. We have a minimum of $2000 to place an order from any of the company’s lists we provide in our Products Lists section, However each company has their own requirements. If your order does not meet the company’s MOQ, your order might be delayed until we build up an order to place that meets the company’s MOQ,

We will Provide a company invoice for your purchased and back it up, However, It is your responsibility to check if you are allowed to list a brand on e-commerce sites such as amazon, Walmart and E-Bay, Etc  prior to making any purchases, please note that we will not accept any returns related to this issue.

We use freight companies to ship FTL and LTL as well as UPS for smaller parcels.

Shipping is not free unless agreed on before placing your order. You can request a shipping cost estimate using our Request shipping cost page.

Yes, you can estimate the shipping cost using our Ship from zip code 90503

Yes, Please visit our FBA Prep page for more details.

No, You must have your own freight company and handle all state requirements. We can deliver to your fright company or we can load the container at our warehouse.

Based on the service we offer allowing our customers to place their order directly from the manufacturer, the Lead time will be based on the company we are ordering from which usually around 2 weeks or less.

OR, you can order from our current stock which is available in our Volt Candy Products List and the lead time will be 48 hours of cleared down payment.

We only accept ACH “Wire transfer”. Payment information will be sent once your order is approved and is “Awaiting Payment” or “Pending”

We only accept returns for unordered items, or damaged items.

No, Invoices are only Provided once order is fully paid off.

You can contact us directly through our Contact us page with in 24 hours of receiving your order.

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